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Brief biographies of William H. Seward:

William H. Seward 1801-1872

William H. Seward

Seward, William H(enry)--Britannica

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson: William H. Seward

CARTE DE VISITE- William H. Seward

William H. Seward: 
    Early Career
    US Senator
    Secretary of State

William H. Seward 1861-1869

Seward's Folly


William H. Seward's Higher Law Speech

The Irrepressible Conflict: A Speech by William H. Seward

Places pertaining to William H. Seward:

The William H. Seward House of Auburn, NY

William H. Seward's Grave

Statue of William H. Seward in Madison Square Garden, New York City

***No need to leave this site to view the statue anymore!  I have take my own photographs. Click here: Photographs of William H. Seward statue in Madison Square Garden Park, New York City

Miscellaneous sites pertaining to William H. Seward:

The William H. Seward Bank Note

Courtroom proceedings of the trial of Lewis Payne

Commentary: Seward's Advice

William H. Seward and Harriet Tubman

Argument of William H. Seward, in defense of Abel F. Fitch

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