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Pictured above: 2D conceptual sketch of 
William H. Seward Memorial by Claude S. Seward

    This project to memorialize William H. Seward, Union College Class of 1820, symbolizes the ideals he devoted his entire life to upholding: the abolition of slavery, the bettering of American public schools, the improvement of the American political system, and the boosting of the national economy. This project is also a recognition of Seward's commitment not just to his country, but to our very own Union College; even while Seward was running for President of the United States of America, he found time to serve as president of the Union College Alumni Association. Furthermore, this project symbolizes what Union and Schenectady can accomplish together and acknowledges that both the city and the college are equal, co-dependant halves of one greater whole.
    The Union-Schenectady Initiative deserves true praise for what it has done and will do for the City of Schenectady and for Union College. This memorial is the perfect gesture to crown the efforts of both the city and college. It is a gift of pride and inspiration to future generations of students, residents, and visitors who may gaze upon it, reminding them that history is happening, and will happen here and everywhere, and asking them, what will you do for your country, community, and fellow human?

--Duncan Campbell Crary, Chairman of Committees 
The William H. Seward Memorial Project


Copies of Schenectady Today with Dominic Tom
Tuesday, November 6th, 2001: Show #822
featuring Duncan Campbell Crary of the William H. Seward Memorial Project are available at Channel 16 Schenectady Public Access Television
Cost $10, Running Time 1 Hour (Seward Interview 15min.)


Now Showing at Union College:
"All the Good I Can--A Portrait of William Henry Seward"
October 18-December 23, 2001

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