What different varieties of headstones are there?

Headstones in Birmingham are put at pioneer of the grave for unmistakable confirmation reason. The individual’s name is shrouded in grave is formed at a headstone close by the date of birth along with the passing date. The stone mason wolverhampton has different styles as well as types of headstones in Birmingham.

Types of Headstones in Birmingham:

Headstones crafted by stone masons birmingham come in various styles, such as:

Level Headstones

They’re also known as the grass pointers which lie down plane on the ground with grass at pioneer of a grave.

Edge Headstones

The angled headstones are around 8inches thick which lie flat on ground as well as go above grass.

Inclination Headstones

They’re also known as the Pillow stones. They’re almost 18 inches in the length which sit the level on ground with front side of the headstone figured backside, making a shape like the wedge.


They’re around 8 inches wide and lie level on ground along with covering the whole grave. They could be used as a piece of 2 ways. They might be utilized as well as engraved as gravestone itself, or they might also incorporate a landmark at a grave.